Our Story

Hibachibot was created by husband and wife team, Eddie and Virginia Schenck.  Virginia was born in Korea, and has learned how to make bulgogi from an early age.  After losing their 13 year old son to cancer, they both decided that they wanted to start a food truck business; where they could introduce  Korean BBQ, make it fresh, make it easy-to-eat and make it affordable.  The menu is based around gogi marinade, which is made with fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, onion puree, sesame oil, sesame seeds, sweet cooking wine, sugar, salt and pepper.  The superior angus beef is thinly sliced and seasoned with the marinade over night.  The chicken breast is sliced a bit thicker and soaked in the gogi marinade with an addition of gochujang (a Korean ketchup that has a bit of heat).  Tacos, smothered fries, rice bowls, are some of the easy to eat items that contain these bbq'd meats.  And the smell of the bbq as it grills is OUT OF THIS WORLD! 

The name "Hibachibot" was invented as an addition to the robot theme that is evident with Eddie's other career as an artist.  Combining art and food, and doing it together, is this couple's mission and their way to heal.