These house made sides and sauces are just so much fun and how you say?....TASTY!

Korean BBQ Fusion




Our Foods

There's something about the way we 

combine hot white rice with our healthy

daikon red cabbage slaw and sriracha mayo.

Top it with our BBQ'd meats or go Vegan

with our Toe Fingers and house sauce.

rice bowls

Are you kidding me?  These not only look 

amazing, the smell is out of this world!  Torching the shredded colby jack cheese makes these fries like no other smothered fries you'll find.  Mexorean, Chixorean, Torched Cheese, or Toe Finger Fries...they're 

all good!

These tacos have won awards!  We have 

4 different types of tacos; gogi steak, gogi

chicken, Botco tacos, or Dad's Famous.  Try

them all and choose your favorite.  

healthy choiceS

We have a VEGAN protein!  Our new

Toe Fingers are made of tofu that we make

taste like chicken, double bread and deep

fry.  Add them to your rice bowl, tacos, or