we are a husband and wife team.  my name is virginia and my husband is an amazing artist (eddie schenck, aka eddie sparr).  neither one of us dreamed of owning a food truck.  I spent the majority of my career in management of lean manufacturing.  eddie owned a sign company, managed a scenic company and was and still is, an artst.   so why do we own a food truck?  in 2014, we lost our oldest son, calvin to cancer.  he was only 13 yrs old.  that, devastated us.  we needed a change and we needed to spend as much time with our youngest son, seth, as possible.  

Korean BBQ Fusion

this is a story of healing

so one day eddie asked me what I wanted to do...and it was like our son calvin was talking to us from above.  I never dreamed that i would say, "i want to start a food truck selling Korean bbq", but i did.  and eddie said "ok then, let's do it".  i'm 1/2 Korean, and I make good bulgogi, so we decided let's do it.  let's have a family business and grow closer together.  let's heal. 

fast forward to today:        never did we dream of owning a food truck...never did we dream of having lines...let alone lines so long you can't see the end of them.  we have fans!  yes, we have fans!  we have the most dedicated fans that drive a long distance to find us.  it's so amazing.  I mean, it's really amazing!   turns out, we love serving creative food and we love interacting with our fans.   we love owning a food truck!  everyday i feel blessed and i feel like our son calvin is still looking out for us.  and i believe that whatever comes our            way, we will definitely be able to heal.